Thursday, 8 November 2012

Uniform Dating

For men and women in uniform dating can be a difficult business. awkward shift patterns and the unusual stresses and strains of the job make it difficult for relationships with civilians to work and it is therefore no surprise that most uniformed personnel tend to date other uniformed personnel.  Dating your colleagues of course has it's drawbacks, working and living (or at least spending a lot of  your "private" life) with the same people can lead to frictions with each other, and if other team mates perceive favouritism or preferential treatments as a result of those relationships they will start to resent those.  For those reasons (and more) dating colleagues or co workers is often frowned upon by management, if not out right against company policy so dating outside of the immediate working team is highly recommended.

The problem however as already mentioned is the awkward shifts make it difficult to meet people and thus narrowing the chances of meeting a like minded person even further.  A handy solution is therefore online dating.  There are plenty of sites out there for online dating, match, plenty of fish, e-harmony etc. but those sites are pretty broad ranging and you will have to filter your search results quite intensively to narrow your matches to people who will be suitable.  A better option is which is a site specifically for uniformed personnel, or those interested in dating someone in uniform, so therefore more likely to accept the unique requirements of a relationship with a services person.

You may have seem the ads on TV in fact for Uniform Dating, but if not you can see them on Youtube:

So whether you work in the police, military or security industry and are looking for a partner check them out today!

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