Thursday, 19 April 2012

Led Lenser Torches

I have been in a lot of situations over the years where having the right kind of equipment is essential. The right tool for the job is critical (as everyone knows), and in dark places, the right tools are Led Lenser torches.

When I need a high quality, bright and resiliant torch while on patrol, I tend to steer clear of my smaller and less powerful torches. I know that my Led Lenser torches will outperform and outlast all of the others. The brightness to battery life ratio found in Led Lenser torches makes them the last word in tactical lighting.

I really can't say enough good things about them. So many times I have been caught short because the batteries have drained too quickly on my Maglite, or the light produced hasn't been bright or clear enough. I personally use the Led Lenser T7 torch, although I also have a Led Lenser Police Tech Focus Torch, as it has the benefit of an advertised 130 hours of battery life (I've had slightly less, but that's with HEAVY use). It also has a feature that is very much lacking in many other torch manufacturers, and that is the ability to adjust focus of the light. This is one of the BEST features of Led Lenser torches and once you have used one, you won't want to go back.

The light from a Led Lenser torch is incredible too! Pure white, bright, crisp and sharp. I can give you the specs of my Led Lenser torch (200 lumens output) but really, numbers can't explain how good these Led Lenser torches really are.

Batteries are damned expensive and a huge pain in the butt to remember to buy and I HATE it when my torches run out of steam while in the middle of use. Because of this, I have found that Led Lenser Torches to be extremely battery friendly and my Led Lenser torches tend to last longer than say a Maglite or Fenix.

I've been fortunate enough to see the Led Lenser X21 in action and it was unbelieveable. The X21 is like the "big daddy" of the Led Lenser torches that I've seen. It has 7 light emitters that pump out an astounding 1068 lumens and it shows, it was so bright. I admit, I'm a little bit of a gadget geek and would LOVE to own one of them but I couldn't justify buying any more Led Lenser torches.

If you have considered Led Lenser Torches, then take the plunge today. I highly recommend getting one of the Led Lenser Torches, you won't be disappointed and you will have one of the best tactical torches around as Led Lenser Torches are durable, bright and efficient.