Thursday, 15 November 2012

Peli Versabrite V Quiqlite

Quiqlite are a relative new comer to the scene, but the first to mount a serious challenge to the long standing dominance of the Peli Versabrite.  The versabrite is backed by Peli's life time guarantee which is probably one of the major reasons it was able to command such a lead in the market despite the efforts of cheaper rivals.  You can pick up a Peli versabrite for about £18-£20, where as some budge models might only set you back £9.99, however if that breaks just once, you have already made your money back with Peli's no quibble repair or replace service, and over the course of an active careerer in uniform chances are that you will get through a few clip on lights over the years.

Quiqlite do not come with the same life time guarantee, yet despite this fact, and a price tag that is higher than the Peli but they do pack substantially more features and have the added benefit of being rechargeable.  Quiqlite offer a variety of models with twin LED configurations available in white/white, white/red and white/blue (white/blue is normally restricted to serving Emergency Services Personnel like police, fire and medics.)  The twin LED design of the quqlites allows for several different settings, unlike the single on/off mode of the Peli, so you can have one or the other colour on, or a strobe effect.

Both the Peli Versabrite and the Quiqlite offer the spring clip on the rear for mounting on a belt, pocket flap or shirt lapel or even the brim of a baseball cap.  One very handy accessory for both clip on lights is the Peter Jones KlickFast Doc which allows a police officer to mount the light on the airwaves doc on the shoulder of a stabby, tac vest or carriage harness which makes them ideal for hands free illumination whilst writing or rummaging in a kit bag!

Perhapse the main advantage of the Quiqlite over the Peli is the the much higher lumen output, the Versabrite offering a paltry 9 lumes to the Quqlite's 25!!

Now bear in mind that a Quicklite is around £25, it makes it a tough choice considering performance, reliability, guarantees and features......

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