Monday, 1 July 2013

Turtle Skin Gloves

There are two main brands in the needle resistant glove market, Turtle Skin and Hexarmor.  Turtle Skin use a different technology to Hex Armor, Turtle Skin base there products on a unique material made of a patented blend of coated Aramid knit where Hex Amror use their "Superfabric".  Due to different technologies used TurtleSkin Gloves come in slightly cheaper than Hex Armor gloves and offer comparable levels of protection.

The specialised Aramid technology that TurtleSkin use makes their products 40 more abrasion resistant than a standard Aramid knit of the same thickness.

The specialist material used in TurtleSkin gloves is manufactured in Warwick Mills in the USA who have been producing specialist fabrics since the 1870s including products used by NASA for the Mars landing and high performance tyres and yacht sails where durability and light weight are essential.

Turtle Skin not only do a wide range of gloves but also a selection of slash resistant under garments for protecting the body and legs and a range of "Snake Bite Resistant" trousers, gaiters and chaps (not so relevant to the UK market).

The main Turtle Skin gloves for the UK tactical Market are the Alpha, Bravo and the Turtle Skin Duty Glove normally retailing between about £45 and £60.  The Alpha and the Bravo glove are slightly lighter weight than the Duty glove and offer a marginally lower level of protection.

Turtle Skin undertakes their own proprietary testing of their gloves.  Normal EN tests use a 4.5mm metal probe that has a relativly blunt tip compared to the 1.27guage hypodermic needle that is used in Turtle Skins own test.  Turtle Skin do however ensure their gloves conform to EN standards for cut, tear and abrasion resistance as well as their unique puncture protection tests.


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